About Us

The Official Fighter For Dreams (FFD) is a brand that was created in early 2017 by it's owner and founder Ricardo Dos Santos, previously originated from the idea of pushing the brand into becoming a music record label & network for artists/music lovers. The brand intends to expand towards the music route in the future, aspiring to birth and grow artists who will impact the world positively in a way like never before. 

This online shop you are currently viewing is only one of our companies prospects towards expansion in our brand name. The Official FFD was birthed from the spirit of never giving up and fighting through until the end; Our founder who also goes by the artist name "RickyD"  aspired the name through a series of pain, failure & rejection in his life that only created a foundation for success and forced his will to push on through and fight the good fight. 

The logo for our brand was also designed & created by our founder at only the age of 17, the design was inspired by the Japanese culture as the symbol in our logo represents a "warrior or fighter" along with the small Katanas in between the "D" of the logo. Will you fight the good fight & overcome the obstacles? 

The Official Fighter For Dreams (FFD) is here to stay and create a legacy,  inspire, impact & create more "Fighter For Dreams" around the world!